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Rental of Raspberry Pi model 3 B + with unlimited Internet connectivity. One IPv4 is available in default setup for free (the other can be purchased). If you pay for a longer period than 1 month in advance, you will get the installation for free. By default, the Raspbian operating system is installed in the latest version. You can choose another OS, but then you pay for the installation. You can send any of your Raspberry Pi devices with a maximum of 5V/2.5A. Uplink 1xRJ-45 100Mbps. Connectivity is unlimited - we do not count transferred data. If you have any questions, please inquire before ordering.
  • Raspberry Housing

    500 Setup Fee
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    • již od CZK 49,20 měsíčně!

      hostingové služby pro
      jednodeskový počítač
      Raspberry Pi 1-5 apod.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Hosting

    500 Setup Fee
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    • již od CZK 54,64 měsíčně!

      Raspberry Pi 3
      1 GB RAM
      32 GB SD card
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Hosting

    500 Setup Fee
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    • již od CZK 90,20 měsíčně!

      Raspberry Pi 4
      2 GB RAM
      64 GB SD card
Included With Every Plan
  • One shared 100Mbps uplink
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Initial installation/deployment
  • One IP v6 address (IPv4 optional)
  • DNS PTR setup
  • One free service request