Rental of IP addresses

In addition to all services, we can rent you additional IP addresses or entire ranges. In the case of a larger quantity, it is possible to provide an individual discount. Contact our sales department. We provide IPv6 ranges (/64) free of charge.
  • /24 subnet (256 IPv4 addresses)

    500 Setup Fee
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    • From CZK 25,64 per month per address!

      256 clean public IPv4 addresses.
  • /25 subnet (128 IPv4 addresses)

    500 Setup Fee
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    • From CZK 32,- per month per address!

      128 clean public IPv4 addresses.
  • Public IPv4 addresses

    • Price from CZK 41,- per month!

      Another clean public IPv4 address for your service. Including reverse DNS.
      In the third step of the order, you can select their quantity.
Included With Every Plan
  • routed to your IP without restrictions
  • including reverse DNS record management
  • unfiltered traffic (all ports are open)